Spotlight on Energy

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Eric Martel / President & CEO - Hydro-Québec
Susannah Pierce / Director, External Relations - LNG Canada
Annette Verschuren / Chair & CEO - NRStor
JP Gladu / President & CEO - Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

As the world’s energy system continues its transformation, Canada is uniquely positioned thanks to its strategic location and its diversified endowment of oil, natural gas, hydro, wind and solar energy resources. But Canada also faces major challenges including limited market access, growing socio-environmental expectations and unprecedented technological disruption.

This Spotlight explores Canada’s energy sector from multiple critical perspectives. Among other key topics, it looks at the role of our hydrocarbon and hydropower sectors, the key function of energy storage in our transition to renewables, the participation of Indigenous communities in a decarbonized and decentralized global energy future.

Event Alignment: North America Region Energy Forum

Organized by The Energy Council of Canada

Key Takeaways & Calls to Action

  1. We need to consider electricity at a regional level, not at a provincial or state level. This would lead to closer collaboration, more information sharing, accelerated joint development in target areas, and faster decarbonization our economies and regions.
  2. Fossil fuel companies can help Canada’s energy transition by contributing towards carbon tax revenues and investing their revenues into sustainable innovation.
  3. Energy storage and Canada’s expertise in building independent off-grid energy systems in remote communities and challenging conditions represent a big export opportunity for Canada.
  4. Energy companies should give Indigenous communities equity positions in energy projects within their jurisdiction to give them a sense of ownership and enhance industry-community collaboration. They must also use their supply chains to encourage Indigenous business development.
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