– part of Milestone GRP – is a multimedia publishing house that builds on over two decades of international media and events experience, 6 years of which in Canada, to produce essential content and discussion on the future of Canada’s economy and its key industries.


To promote Canada’s prosperous and sustainable future economy by fostering national dialogue and debate, and connecting people and their ideas on the country’s major business issues and opportunities in the future economy.



We believe the 5 future-oriented themes below are key to Canada’s success in the future economy, and we have placed them firmly at the core of our work and content.


  • Innovation – more strategic alignment and collaboration will achieve systemic and transformative innovation;
  • Entrepreneurship – more public and private support will help Canadian companies scale internationally;
  • Talent – more effort on developing our workforce and R&D capabilities will support Canada’s ambitious development goals and future leadership;
  • Sustainability – must be intrinsic to Canada’s economic development principles for us to develop our main industries and create new ones;
  • Competitiveness – must be the driving goal for all Canadian governments and companies for us to thrive in tomorrow’s global economy.

Lines of Action

We apply a 3-pronged approach to our work:


  • Online: Daily news, weekly CEO interviews (written & video) and weekly newsletters
  • Print & Digital Publishing: High-level and timely print and digital industry-focused reports
  • Events: High-profile conferences, forums and custom events


  • Publishing Projects: 9 high-profile investment publications in Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America and Canada
  • Interviews: 600+ high-profile interviews including Presidents, Emirs, Prime Ministers, Ministers, Premiers, Top CEOs, Industry Regulators, University Chancellors, Top Consultants, and more
  • Expert Writers: 30+ expert analytical pieces by IMF, OECD, World Bank, UN Bodies, Senators, Central Bank Governors, CIOs, International Think-Tanks and other internationally renowned thought leaders
  • Sponsors & Partnerships: 60+ sponsors & 30+ strategic partners – many of which were repeat supporters
  • Events3 high-profile events in Canada, with 800+ delegates & 30+ top-level speakers


Tim Penketh


Born and raised in Montreal, Tim spent the last 15 years living and working around the world: East and Central Asia, the Middle East, North and Sub-Saharan Africa, East and Western Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and North America – he’s seen a few things. It is during this decade and a half on the road that he gained invaluable experience covering countries and industries on all four corners of the globe for highly respected international business titles. He founded Milestone GRP in 2011 with the mission of producing in-depth investment publications that provide international investors and businesses essential information on growing economies and industries around the world. The resulting Global Investor’s Guide series has been widely acclaimed by companies and investors alike, and has completed high-profile projects in Asia, the Middle East, South America, Europe as well as three repeat projects in Canada.

Founding – part of Milestone GRP – is in line with Tim’s strong mission of supporting Canada’s ongoing transition to a more sustainable and prosperous economy. He considers driving forward important conversations about the development, innovation, reinvention and the future-readiness of Canada’s economy crucial to ensuring that his kids and all young Canadians will be well-positioned to thrive at home and abroad.

Tim holds a Masters degree in International Relations from London Metropolitan University. He speaks English, French, Spanish, Japanese and Italian. He now lives in his hometown with his family.

Florent Thévenin


Florent (‘Flo’) has been the Canada Director for Milestone GRP since 2012 and assumes the same role for He successfully led Milestone’s three high-profile projects in the country, including the acclaimed ‘The Future of Oil & Gas’ events held in Calgary in February 2016 and 2017.

With over a decade of experience leading projects in 12 countries across North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa, Flo is passionate about international current affairs, business, energy, sustainability, travel and social media. He speaks English, French and Dutch fluently, German and Spanish moderately and can greet locals in at least another dozen languages including Arabic, Swahili and Bahasa Indonesia.

Flo has a BA in Business Administration from the Hotelschool The Hague and has conducted over 500 top-level interviews around the world, including with Heads of States, Premiers, Ministers, Central Bank Governors, Deans and top executives of the largest corporations in each country. Ask him for a good travel story – he’s got a few!

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