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Experts Debating our Future

  • Discussing Canada’s Energy Future
    Discussing Canada’s Energy Future, featuring: Mallika Ishwaran Shell Canada Photoshoot for revivingShell External Website Scenarios Group in FS, London,2017 Mallika Ishwaran Senior Economic and Policy Advisor - Shell Scenarios team Monica Gattinger UOttawa Monica Gattinger Director - Institute for Science, Society and Policy at the University of Ottawa Ed Whittingham Ed Whittingham Co-Founder - Academy for Sustainable Innovation
  • Digital ID and Verification in Canada’s Future Economy
    CybersecurityDigital TransformationPolicyTech
    Digital ID and Verification in Canada’s Future Economy, featuring: Joni Brennan Joni Brennan President of the Digital ID & Authentication Council of Canada (DIACC) Greg Wolfond, CEO of SecureKey Greg Wolfond CEO & Chairman, SecureKey Franklin Garrigues Headshot Franklin Garrigues VP Digital Channels, TD Bank
  • Biodiversity and Sustainable Fisheries Management Panel
    Biodiversity and Sustainable Fisheries Management Panel, featuring: Jay Lugar Head of Fisheries - Marine Stewardship Council Philippe Morel Assistant Deputy Minister - Aquatic Ecosystems, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) Susanna Fuller Vice-President for Operations and Projects - Oceans North Kris Vascotto Executive Director - Atlantic Groundfish Council
  • Canadian Superclusters Panel
    Canadian Superclusters Panel, featuring: Kendra MacDonald CEO - Ocean Supercluster Bill Greuel Protein Industries Canada Bill Greuel CEO - Protein Industries Canada Julien Billot CEO - Scale AI Kevin Anderson headshot Kevin Anderson Head of the Marine Institute’s School of Fisheries at Memorial University
  • Canada’s Post-COVID Digital Future
    Digital TransformationCOVID-19StrategyTech Adoption
    Canada’s Post-COVID Digital Future, featuring: Alex Benay CIO Strategy KPMG Canada Headshot 300x300 Alex Benay Partner in Digital and Government Solutions - KPMG Canada & Co-Founder - CIO Strategy Council Keith Jansa, CIO Strategy Council Keith Jansa Executive Director - CIO Strategy Council