Spotlight on Energy Tech

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Carl Burlock / Senior Vice-President and Global Head Financing & International Growth Capital - Export Development Canada
Todd Parker / CEO - Blue Spark Energy
Wayne Sim / CEO - Aucerna
Harrie Vredenburg / Professor & Suncor Chair in Strategy & Sustainability - Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary

Canadian energy companies have long been recognized as a global players in the production of energy resources, but especially in the development and implementation of technology that improves efficiency and reduces environmental impacts. Canada’s international energy brand is strong and there are strong export opportunities for our homegrown energy tech. But how can we best leverage our experience, know-how and energy innovations for our economic future – and for the future of energy in a low-carbon high-energy global economy?

This Spotlight looks at how Canada and its energy and cleantech companies should position themselves internationally to make the most of what these energy tech export opportunities offer. 

Key Takeaways & Calls to Action

  1. Canada’s significant experience with renewable energy generation, energy transmission and resource extraction has given rise to a vibrant cleantech and energy tech sector that is focussed on increasing sustainability.
  2. The Middle East and the Pacific Rim countries are huge potential markets for Canada’s energy technology sector in the short and long run. Canada’s excellent reputation, and experience in developing solutions in difficult operating conditions and complex infrastructure and logistics are a clear competitive advantage.
  3. Canadian energy tech companies need to be less conservative and must start developing their commercialization strategy, build their global go-to-market organization, and generate local sales capability from day one.
  4. Canada has a competitive advantage in developing and exporting technology that reduces emissions from, and lowers the costs of, oil and gas production. This, rather than renewables development, is Canada’s true cleantech opportunity and what Canada should focus on exporting internationally.
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