The Future of Energy

Natural Resources

Canada is an energy powerhouse: we have oil and gas, hydro, wind, solar, uranium, tidal, biofuels, biomass, geothermal and more. Our energy options are the envy of many nations. But our energy sector, and the conversations around it, are evolving. We are blessed with options, but in the face of a rising demand for power, increased decentralization, climate change and other undeniable forces, we have important choices to make.

This series explores forces impacting Canada’s energy future, the implications they will have for how we produce, transport and consume energy, and what opportunities lie ahead in Canada’s energy future.

Spotlight Exporting Canada's Energy Innovations CleantechEnergyNatural ResourcesTech Adoption Featured Interview Anne-Raphaëlle Audouin President - WaterPower Canada Canadian Hydropower: Rediscovering the Original Renewable EnergyInfrastructure & ConstructionWomen Leaders Featured Interview Sergio Marchi President & CEO - Canadian Electricity Association Canada Needs a National Energy and Electrification Strategy EnergyInfrastructure & ConstructionPolicy Featured Interview Jacob Irving President - Energy Council of Canada Energy Transition: Leveraging Canada’s strengths to realize its aspirations EnergyNatural ResourcesOil & GasPolicy Featured Interview Chris Turner Award-winning Author Canadians Need to Know More About the Oil Sands CleantechEnergyInfrastructure & ConstructionNatural ResourcesOil & GasPolicy Spotlight The Future of Canada's Energy Industry CleantechEnergyInnovationSustainability Featured Interview Linda Coady Chief Sustainability Officer - Enbridge Climate and Energy: Other countries are watching Canada EnergyNatural ResourcesOil & GasPolicyWomen Leaders Featured Interview Sean Collins President - Terrapin Geothermics Canada Should Leverage its Competitive Advantage in Energy to Foster Innovation CleantechEnergyNatural ResourcesOil & GasPolicy Spotlight Canada's Energy Future CleantechEnergyNatural Resources Featured Interview Merran Smith Executive Director - Clean Energy Canada Canada’s Clean Energy Transition: Win-Win for the Economy and the Environment CleantechEnergyOil & GasPolicyTransportationWomen Leaders Featured Interview Joy Romero Vice-President, Technology and Innovation - Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. Hydrocarbons Industry: Looking at the full spectrum of options CleantechEnergyFinanceNatural ResourcesOil & GasWomen Leaders Featured Interview Meredith Adler Executive Director - Student Energy The Collective Vision of Canada’s Future Energy Leaders EducationEnergyNatural ResourcesPolicyWomen Leaders Featured Interview Christofer Mowry CEO & Director - General Fusion One of the Big Challenges of the Future Economy: The density of manufactured energy EnergyPolicyTech Featured Interview Michael Crothers President & Country Chair - Shell Canada The Future of Canada's Economy and Oil & Gas Sector EnergyNatural ResourcesOil & GasPolicyTransportation Spotlight Canada's Renewable Energy Future CleantechEnergyRenewableSustainability Featured Interview Annette Verschuren Chair & CEO - NRStor Canada’s Economic Goals are Tied to Environmental Goals CleantechEnergyPolicyTechWomen Leaders Featured Interview David Murray President - Hydro-Québec Distribution Energy Transition: Not ‘If’ but ‘When’ Energy Featured Interview Todd Parker CEO - Blue Spark Energy A Very Unusual Energy Transition CleantechEnergyNatural ResourcesOil & Gas Featured Interview Marty Reed CEO - Evok Innovations We Need to Get Smarter, Cheaper, Faster CleantechEnergyFinanceOil & Gas Featured Interview Koleya Karringten President & CEO - Absolute Combustion International Goal: Canada as a World Leader in Energy Innovation CleantechEnergyNatural ResourcesOil & GasWomen Leaders Featured Interview Jean-Michel Gires CEO - NextTier Energy Solutions Real Change will Come Through Breakthrough Innovation CleantechEnergyNatural ResourcesOil & Gas
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