Spotlight on Clean Growth

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Minister Catherine McKenna / Minister - Environment and Climate Change Canada
Marcelo Lu / President - BASF Canada
Nicole Vadori / Head of Environment, Global Corporate Citizenship - TD Bank Group
Stewart Elgie / Founder & Executive Chair - Smart Prosperity

Achieving clean growth is crucial to Canada’s future economic success and sustainability, and to ensuring all Canadians continue to enjoy the quality of life we are blessed with. The reduction of carbon emissions and waste, and the maximization of resource use and cleantech opportunities are all vitally important to Canada’s environment and future economy.
This Spotlight explores the challenges Canada and its economy face in transitioning to a clean growth model, the opportunities this shift represents for our future economy, and the roles key stakeholders – citizens, business and governments – must play to succsefully drive Canada’s clean growth transition forward.

Key Takeaways & Calls to Action

  1. The development of clean technology will be a critical part of Canada’s strategy to reduce emissions and environmental impacts, while stimulating economic growth in a sector predicted to grow significantly over the coming decades.
  2. The transition to a clean growth economy will happen in three phases: first, resource and waste reduction, then emission neutralization, and lastly zero emissions.
  3. Canada, with its natural resources, business ecosystem and knowledge base, is well placed to lead the world in clean growth innovation and the clean growth transition.
  4. While the private sector and households will drive Canada’s clean growth transition, the government needs to create the right conditions to unleash their innovation.
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