The Future of Mining

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Canada is a mining nation. The industry provides the raw materials for a wide variety of essential products and economic activity – including the components required for the digital tech that runs modern life and the renewable energy that will power it. It also provides jobs, infrastructure and economic opportunities in every region of Canada’s large territory, especially in remote communities in the Canadian North.

This series, supported by Natural Resources Canada’s Canadian Minerals and Metals Plan, features interviews with a wide range of experts from within the mining sector itself, from the peripheral industries seeking to disrupt and improve its practices, from the communities it touches, from government seeking to set the best policies to support its sustainable growth, and from other key stakeholders. Mining is a resource sector that will be essential for the long-term. So Canada must do everything it can to be the best and most respected mining nation possible. This series seeks to define what that world-leading Canadian mining industry of the future should look like.

  • Sustainability and Innovation
    MiningNatural ResourcesSustainability
  • Growth Strategy for the Future of the Canadian Mining Industry Christyne Tremblay Deputy Minister - Natural Resources Canada
    MiningNatural ResourcesPolicyWomen Leaders
  • Community and Indigenous Participation
    MiningNatural ResourcesSustainability
  • Canadian Mining’s Challenges and Opportunities: Regulations, Infrastructure, Sustainability and More Pierre Gratton President & CEO - Mining Association of Canada
    MiningAboriginal BusinessNatural ResourcesPolicy
  • Mining Companies Benefit from Long-term Relationships With First Nations Bruce McIvor Principal - First Peoples Law
    MiningAboriginal BusinessIndigenousNatural ResourcesPolicy
  • Rebranding Canada as a Leading Sustainable Mining and Metals Economy Jean Simard President & CEO - Aluminium Association of Canada
    Natural ResourcesMiningPolicy
  • Economic Development & Global Leadership
    MiningNatural ResourcesSustainability
  • Mining in Canada: When our best practices hold us back Glen Hodgson Senior Fellow - The C.D. Howe Institute
    MiningNatural ResourcesPolicy
  • Leveraging Canadian Mining Expertise to Sustainably Develop Emerging Economies Gianni Kovacevic Author
    MiningEnergyNatural ResourcesTech
  • Communicating Canadian Mining Leadership in Environmental Protection Cory McPhee VP of Corporate Affairs, Communications & Sustainability - Vale Canada
    MiningNatural ResourcesSustainability
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