Spotlight on Mining

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Susan Jones / Executive Vice President & CEO of Potash - Nutrien
Lee Hodgkinson / National Industry Leader, Mining - KPMG Canada
Peter Cashin / President & CEO - Imperial Mining Group
Ryan McEachern / Managing Director - Mining Suppliers Trade Association Canada

Canada is a nation with a deep mining history and mining will remain an integral part of our nation’s future economy. So it benefits us all to design the most sustainable, inclusive and productive mining industry we can. This Spotlight explores the Canadian mining industry’s role in national economic development and how it and its various sub-segments can claim a leadership role in the global mining industry.

Key Takeaways & Calls to Action

  1. Leaders in mining need to embrace and model how to engage in and affect change. To do this, we need a combination of having the right talent for the future for mining, having a government that provides a stable regulatory and taxation environment, and can also attract both traditional and innovative investments.
  2. Our governments and universities need to increase their role in supporting our mining sector to maintain its world-leading position. This means collaboratively creating clusters of expertise to help digital transformations and incentivizing Canadian mining companies to invest in our minerals, as well as raising funds to operate abroad.
  3. Our federal government must improve its communications plan to ensure that cohesive and consistent key messages are promoted to increase investor confidence, both for Canadian and foreign mining investors.
  4. The majority of mining suppliers need governmental assistance abroad to accelerate and de-risk trade in countries that have strong mining activity.
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