Spotlight on Women in the Future Economy

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Isabelle Hudon / Co-Chair - G7 Gender Equality Advisory Council
Monique Leroux / Chair of the Board of Directors - Investissement Québec
Laura Didyk / National Lead, Women Entrepreneur Strategy - Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)
Qudsia Ahmed / President of the Board of Directors - Young Women in Business

Women in Canada and abroad face unique challenges when starting their own companies and in terms of fully integrating into the workforce. This has traditionally been seen as a social and gender equality issue. But statistics show that supporting female entrepreneurs and employees is an important economic and business issue as well with considerable implications for national GDP and companies’ performance.
This Spotlight explores the challenges Canada’s female workforce and entrepreneurs face today, the value greater gender equality represents in terms of productivity and economic growth, and the ways in which we can bridge the gap to fully integrate and empower women in Canada’s future economy.

Key Takeaways & Calls to Action

  1. Gender equality would increase Canadian GDP by $150 billion by 2026, so it is an important economic issue, not just a moral one.
  2. The Canadian private sector should target at least 30% female representation in senior management roles in order to build momentum for gender equality at the top.
  3. More diverse boards, ownership and employee bases generate higher revenues, larger profits and export opportunities.
  4. The government needs to hold itself accountable to specific targets around gender equality within a reasonable timeframe. It also needs to better communicate the financing mechanisms that will lead to change on the ground and in the boardrooms.
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