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Spotlight on Why Canada

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Sabrina Geremia / VP & Country Manager - Google
Faisal Kazi / President & CEO - Siemens Canada
Allan Miranda / Regional Head - JLABS Canada, Johnson & Johnson Innovation
Dominique Baumann / CEO - Roquette Canada

Foreign direct investment is a critical component of the Canadian economy, creating jobs, adding to the GDP and strengthening our innovation ecosystem. Multinational companies and foreign investors consider a number of important qualities when looking to invest in Canada, including sound infrastructure and logistics, a stable political environment and a talented workforce.

This spotlight features four business leaders from across the country who speak to why Canada is an attractive destination for foreign investments and the steps we must take to ensure Canada remains a stable and strong environment for investments in the future economy.


  1. The availability of skilled talent is one of Canada’s greatest strengths, providing foreign investors with the highest educated workforce in the world; diversity which strengthens ties between countries and markets; a strong work ethic; and the technical skills required to drive the innovation economy forward.
  2. Canada has a stable political environment that makes it attractive to foreign investors; an immigration policy that makes it easy to hire foreign talent; and free trade agreements which provide unique access to over 1.5 billion people worldwide.
  3. The world is on track to reach a global population of 10 billion by 2050, and to meet this demand Canada must focus on the present opportunity to build a plant-based proteins ecosystem that can export raw materials and value-added products across the globe.
  4. The digital economy makes up 5% of the Canadian GDP and Canada must capitalize on its research strengths in artificial intelligence and basic science to become a world leader.
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