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Spotlight on Quebec City’s Life Sciences Advantage

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Gary Kobinger / President and Founder - GuardRX
Pierre Paquet / CEO and Co-Founder - Icentia
Nathalie Landry / Executive Vice President, Scientific and Medical Affairs - Medicago
Laurence Boudreault / General Manager - BOSK Bioproducts

From vaccine development to medical devices, Quebec City’s life sciences sector has become one of the leaders in Canada, and is poised to become one of the best in the world. Ample support from all levels of government and a tight-knit business community all contribute to what makes the life sciences thrive in Quebec’s capital.

This Spotlight explores the many attractive qualities that Quebec City offers foreign investors, which has led to a rise in foreign direct investment in the city. With interviews from four industry insiders and the head of Quebec International, this Spotlight on Quebec City’s life sciences sector shows all that this city has to offer.


  1. Not only does Quebec City have a steady stream of life sciences talent coming out of its universities and research institutes, but the quality of life the city offers helps to retain workers within the sector.
  2. Quebec City’s manageable size allows for relationships between key stakeholders in the life sciences sector to be formed and fostered, including with government entities.
  3. Canada’s generous R&D tax incentives and investments into life sciences innovation have allowed small and large companies build out the life sciences sector in Quebec City, including in vaccine development.
  4. Incubators, technology parks, research institutions and business development organizations all contribute to a thriving and innovative life sciences sector in Quebec City.

Spotlight on Quebec City's Life Sciences Advantage
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