Spotlight on Ocean Innovation in St. John’s

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David Murrin / Director-General - National Research Council, Ocean, Coastal and River Engineering Research Centre
Caron Hawco / President - Caron Hawco Group
Mike Maguire / Chair of the Board - Oceans Advance
Vianne Timmons / President & Vice Chancellor - Memorial University

St. John’s maritime history and strategic location in the North Atlantic has positioned the city as a world-class hub for ocean tech and innovation. Private and public sector stakeholders have formed an innovation cluster in the region, fueled by top-quality research and development institutions which attract talent from across the world.

This Spotlight explores St. John’s rich history, present, and future in ocean tech, a sector which the city has the potential to lead in worldwide. 


  1. Newfoundland and Labrador’s harsh climate allows engineers from around the world to develop critical technologies in a unique ocean environment.
  2. St. John’s academic institutions offer specific programs in ocean technology and industry, which attract and produce key talent for the ocean cluster.
  3. St. John’s small size allows for increased collaboration among academic institutions, research centres and private companies to drive innovation in ocean technology.
  4. There is significant investment in ocean technology in St. John’s from both the government and large multinational companies.

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