Spotlight on Investing in Yukon’s Mining Sector

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Scott Donaldson / Director & CEO - BMC Minerals
Shelagh Rowles / Executive Director - Centre for Northern Innovation in Mining, Yukon University
Isaac Fage / President and Co-Founder - GroundTruth Exploration
Jani Djokic / CEO - Na-Cho Nyäk Dun Development Corporation

By speaking with four mining industry experts, uncovered why Yukon is a favorable destination for international investments in the mining industry.


  1. Investors are increasingly looking for projects that have environmental, social and governance outcomes, which cannot be achieved without the meaningful engagement of First Nations governments, communities, peoples and businesses in Yukon.
  2. Yukon’s government is highly supportive of the mining industry and is willing and able to support mining projects from international investors.
  3. Locally based innovations are key to Yukon’s growth in mining, and there are significant discoveries being made through grassroots exploration.
  4. Foreign investors to Yukon benefit from political stability, stable laws with First Nations communities—who are vital to the mining industry—and good connectivity.

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