Spotlight on Investing in PEI’s Bioscience Sector

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Rory FrancisRussell KerrDr. Rabin Bissessur PhotoDeborah Dullen
Rory Francis / CEO - PEI BioAlliance
Dr. Russell Kerr / Research Fellow - Nautilus Biosciences CRODA
Dr. Rabin Bissessur / Interim Associate VP Research and Dean of Graduate Studies - University of Prince Edward Island
Deborah Dullen / Co-Founder and President - BioTraceIT

Multinationals and foreign companies are casting their eyes towards Prince Edward Island, attracted to the talent, business environment and academic institutions that are supporting the growth of its innovative and adaptable bioscience sector. 

With over 60 companies operating within the bioscience industry between the shores of PEI, the sector is one of the province’s key value propositions to international investors far and wide. Through this Spotlight with four leaders from within this growing industry, we present to the top competitive advantages that enable biosciences in PEI to thrive.


  1. Prince Edward Island has a long history of world-leading innovation in the biosciences due to high-quality talent and academic institutions that support the entry of skilled workers.
  2. Charlottetown has strong regional and provincial relationships that create a strong network to support the growth of early-stage and high-growth companies in the biosciences sector.
  3. Foreign investment has been growing in the PEI bioscience sector with many startups and small companies attracting and getting acquired by large multinationals.
  4. Quality of life in Prince Edward Island is quite high, with affordable living and close proximity to nature, allowing companies to retain bioscience talent.

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