Spotlight on Fredericton’s Dynamic Knowledge Ecosystem

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Larry ShawYan SimardChris Forman AppCastVagmi Mudumbai
Larry Shaw / CEO - Ignite Fredericton & Knowledge Park
Yan Simard / CEO - Kognitiv Spark
Chris Forman / Founder & CEO - Appcast
Vagmi Mudumbai / CTO - Sedin Technologies

Good things, often, come in small packages. Fredericton, with a population of nearly 60,000, is a micro-city that significantly punches above its weight class, attracting multinational companies from across the globe to build out its business ecosystem.

While Frederciton’s remoteness can often be a challenge, its location brings access to major urban centres like Halifax, New York and Boston. The city, which is well-known for its capacity in research and innovation, is an epicentre in New Brunswick that has some of the top research talent available anywhere in the country.

This spotlight shines a light on Fredericton’s strengths, and weaknesses, in attracting the next major investors to this friendly city. 


  1. Fredericton’s R&D ecosystem contributes 75% of the research that comes out of New Brunswick.
  2. Fredericton has a strong talent pool of executives and skilled labour that can compete with competitive cities in Canada and the U.S.
  3. The cost of doing business in Fredericton is significantly less than most major Canadian cities.
  4. Businesses in Fredericton can benefit from easy access to municipal and federal governments which provide tailored funding and supports to new investors.
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