Spotlight on Calgary’s Edge on Investment

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Alex PourbaixWilson ActonDan GiurescuMadison Savilow
Alex Pourbaix / President & CEO - Cenovus Energy
Wilson Acton / Chief Commercial Officer - Verge
Dan Giurescu / President, CEO, & Founder - TerraHub (now Credivera)
Madison Savilow / Chief of Staff - Carbon Upcycling Technologies

Contrary to the ingrained perception of Calgary as Canada’s oil and gas epicentre, the city offers a number of growth opportunities for foreign investors in sectors ranging from tech to agriculture.

Calgary’s entrepreneurial spirit, resilience and ability to adopt advanced technologies have created a diversified economy that drives a city ripe with recreational activities, a high quality of life and abundant business resources. In this Spotlight, four experts from Calgary’s energy and innovation ecosystem define the conditions that make Calgary an attractive investment destination.


  1. Calgary has the highest density of head offices per square block and the highest concentration of high tech workers in all Canadian cities.
  2. Calgary’s entrepreneurial spirit is pioneering advancements in carbon sequestration and the city aims to be Canada’s cleantech capital.
  3. Calgary is seeing rapid growth in tech companies and jobs and is well-positioned to adopt advanced technologies.
  4. Foreign investments in agriculture have contributed to the creation of a thriving agri-business cluster in Calgary.
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