Spotlight on the Space Economy

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Chris Hadfield / First Canadian Commander of the International Space Station - Astronaut
Sylvain Laporte / President - Canadian Space Agency
Françoise Gagnon / CEO - ADGA Group
Glenn Mason / Assistant Deputy Minister, Lands and Minerals Sector - Natural Resources Canada

Canada has a long and respected history in space, but we haven’t continued investing to grow our position in this area. With a growing number of nations and private corporations staking their claims in the future of the space economy, and Canada’s recent commitment to the Lunar Gateway programme, this Spotlight explores what Canada and our companies must do to lead in the future space economy.

Key Takeaways & Calls to Action

  1. Public sector involvement in space is required for initiatives that will continue to be non-profitable in the medium term […] and we need the government to continue to set a long-term space plan to show that the bureaucracy and the institutions are committed, and not just on a four-year electoral cycle.
  2. The 2019 Space Strategy has set a vision for Canada’s space program and promised a Canadian contribution to the next large international collaboration in human space exploration: the NASA-led Lunar Gateway.
  3. The Canadian government needs to provide a vision and framework through which the space industry can deliver. It needs to ensure that the space policy framework creates an environment which presents a level playing field for all companies, and stimulates true key industrial capabilities for Canada; intellectual property which resides here, and jobs and profits that remain in Canada. We have proven time and again that Canada has the talent and the desire to innovate in space, so let’s retain that talent.
  4. The real medium-term value of space resources will be in the technological advancements it will bring back to Earth – both in the mining industry and beyond.
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