Spotlight on Montreal: Canada’s Top Student City

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Graham Carr headshotMagda Fusaro HeadshotFabienne Celestin Headshot
Graham Carr / President and Vice-Chancellor - Concordia University
Mathieu Lefort / Senior Director, International Talent - Montreal International
Magda Fusaro / Rector - Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)
Fabienne Celestin / Senior Director, Relocation and International Recruitment - Cofomo

Montreal has the highest student concentration in Canada, but even more importantly, it is consistently ranked as the top student. Montreal’s high-quality and internationally-renowned learning institutions welcome a large number of international students who are attracted to the city’s multiculturalism, bilingualism and thriving nightlife.

In this Spotlight, we speak to four experts from within Montreal’s academic ecosystem to find out what makes it so special to students and why foreign investors should choose the city to find the right talent.


  1. Montreal’s multiculturalism and bilingualism are essential ingredients for foreign investors looking to recruit and retain international talent.
  2. The city offers a high quality of life and affordability for students to study and work.
  3. Both foreign and domestic companies of all sizes have greatly benefited from the top-notch talent streaming from Montreal’s universities.
  4. Montreal’s emerging high-tech sectors provide plenty of opportunities for students to launch their careers in the city.
Watch and Read the Experts’ Full Interviews:
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