Spotlight on Canada’s Fisheries Industry

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Martin Sullivan / CEO & Co-Chair - Ocean Choice International
Theresa Williams / Vice President - Fisher Bay Seafood
Jerry Ward / Director of Fisheries - Qikiqtaaluk Corporation
Kurtis Hayne / Commercial and Fisheries Manager, Canada West - Marine Stewardship Council

Canada has a long fishing history and our fisheries industry is a key component of our national economy, and is especially vital for the many coastal communities – many of them remote and Indigenous – that depend on fishing companies and their supply chains for revenue and employment. This Spotlight explores our national fisheries industry’s main opportunities and challenges ahead, including resource sustainability, fishing innovation, Indigenous reconciliation, stability of access and investment.

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Key Takeaways & Calls to Action

  1. A stable regulatory regime is essential to the sustainability of the resource and to ensure basic investment in the development of technology that is critical for the industry’s success.
  2. Technology will revolutionize the way fisheries operators catch fish, process them and collect data for scientific purposes.
  3. The federal government must collaborate with territorial governments and other stakeholders to ensure that Indigenous groups obtain the majority of quotas from adjacent waters.
  4. Successful use of Canada’s marine fisheries needs to be underlined by strong data and knowledge collection. We must continue to increase investment in primary science in order to manage our fisheries in a sustainable way.
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