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Alberta Beyond

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Alberta Beyond is a multimedia content series that explores Alberta’s innovation ecosystem, its history, and the people, places and spaces that will define its next century. 

This year, 2021, marks the centennial of Alberta’s modern innovation landscape and the organization that fosters its growth, Alberta Innovates. 

To celebrate this milestone, will discover how this pioneering province has reimagined innovation within and beyond Canada’s borders. The future of Alberta is an optimistic one, and the trailblazers leading it will continue to innovate by forging the transformative road ahead. 

  • Michael Houghton - The Potential in Alberta’s Life Sciences Sector VideoThe Potential in Alberta’s Life Sciences Sector Michael Houghton Nobel Prize Winner & Li Ka Shing Professor of Virology - University of Alberta
  • Breanne Everett Headshot VideoThe Future of Medtech and Life Sciences in Alberta Breanne Everett CEO and Co-Founder - Orpyx Medical Technologies
    TechInnovationWomen Leaders
  • VideoApplied Research in Action: Three Technologies Helping Canada Meet its Climate Goals
  • Nicole and Cory Janssen Headshot VideoAlberta and Canada’s AI-Driven Future Nicole and Cory Janssen Co-Founders and Co-CEOs - AltaML
    AIInnovationTechWomen Leaders
  • VideoPanel: The Future of AgTech
  • Chett Matchett Headshot VideoShifting to Long-term Sustainability Chett Matchett Associate VP of Strategy, Operations, and Social Economics - ATB Financial
    SustainabilityCleantechInnovationNatural ResourcesWomen Leaders
  • Alison Thompson Headshot VideoGeothermal Energy’s Potential in Alberta and Canada Alison Thompson President and CEO - Borealis GeoPower
    RenewableCleantechEnergyNatural ResourcesScienceSustainabilityWomen Leaders
  • Richard Sutton Headshot VideoThe Future of Artificial Intelligence and Reinforcement Learning Richard Sutton Chief Scientific Advisor and Professor - Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii) and University of Alberta
  • The Spaces Where Collaboration Drives Innovation in Alberta
  • Doug Schweitzer in the centre VideoAlberta’s Growing Innovation Ecosystem Doug Schweitzer Minister of Jobs, Economy and Innovation - Government of Alberta
    InnovationCleantechEntrepreneurshipInvestment AttractionTech
  • Henry Marshall Tory Henry Marshall Tory: Alberta’s Educator, Innovator, and Visionary
  • Alberta Beyond: 100 Years of Albertan Innovation