Spotlight on the Entrepreneurship Journey

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Shahrzad Rafati / Founder & CEO - BroadbandTV
Tim McGuire / CEO - Mobile Klinik
Mandy Gilbert / Founder & CEO - Creative Niche
Alex Peters / Co-Founder and Co-CEO - Prodigy Education

There are as many types of entrepreneurs as there are different ideas they are building into Canada’s next business success stories. They come from different background, life situations, and even different countries. And the learnings they’ve gained as they grow their companies here in Canada are extremely valuable for the next generation of Canadian entrepreneurs who will have to tackle their own challenges on the entrepreneurship journey. This Spotlight explores why and how these four Canadian entrepreneurs embarked on this path, and what wisdom they have to share with our rookie entrepreneurs and the ecosystems supporting them along the way.

Key Takeaways & Calls to Action

  1. Canada’s digital economy is growing faster than mining, forestry, and oil and gas. For Canada to have a stronger digital economy, the federal government must provide the tech ecosystem and its entrepreneurs with similar financial incentives like the tax breaks and deferrals it currently offers the natural resources sectors.
  2. An entrepreneur needs to have an innate desire to create something new and scale it. If you have that desire, the best time to start working on your idea is now.
  3. An entrepreneur’s talent management and leadership skills are integral to the success and sustainability of his or her business. New hires must be aligned with the company’s vision and work culture, and bring crucial skills to the table.
  4. Entrepreneurs in Canada need much more support in scaling up. Whether it is through services provided by Regional Innovation Centers, stronger angel networks, more funding or university assistance, we need to get better at helping companies at every stage.
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