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The Future of Entrepreneurship

The Entrepreneurship Series presented by Mitacs Canada

Entrepreneurs and their SMEs are the lifeblood of Canada’s economy – now and in the future. And today’s startups are the flagship Canadian multinationals of the future. So how can we best educate, back and encourage Canadian entrepreneurs – young and old, women and men, newbie or serial – to innovate and scale the companies that will firmly plant Canada at the forefront of the future economy?

This series draws together government leaders, academics, investors, entrepreneurs themselves and other key stakeholders to discuss what Canada must do now to best support our entrepreneurs and the amazing companies they are creating.

  • Adapting Your Vision: The Key to Scaling Your Business Mark Reineking President & CEO - Lift Auto Group
  • Entrepreneurship is a Science: Identify the Problem, Hypothesize, and Test Brendan King CEO - Vendasta
  • A Mindful Approach to Entrepreneurship Jason Tafler Founder & CEO - Unyte
  • Headshot of George Rossolatos, CEO of the Canadian Business Growth Fund VideoThe Future of Entrepreneurship George Rossolatos CEO - Canadian Business Growth Fund (CBGF)
    EntrepreneurshipCapital MarketsSMEs
  • Four Types of Canadian Entrepreneurs Building our Future Economy
  • SMEs: Scaling-up, Exporting and Staying Canadian
  • Export-First Mentality: The Key to Growing Global Canadian Companies Michele Romanow Co-Founder - Clearbanc
  • Bridging Canada's SME Growth Capital and Skills Gaps
  • Entrepreneurs Must Be Comfortable with Discomfort Rebecca Homkes Teaching Fellow - London Business School
    EntrepreneurshipStrategyWomen Leaders
  • Cultivating Excellence in Canada’s Youth and Entrepreneurs Germain Lamonde Founder & Executive Chairman - EXFO
  • Unlocking the Value of Canadian Entrepreneurship Through Diversity Laura McGee Founder & CEO - Diversio
    EntrepreneurshipDiversityTechWomen Leaders
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