Two Indigenous children dressed in Aboriginal regalia Two Indigenous children dressed in Aboriginal regalia

Spotlight on Indigenous Reconciliation and Social Finance

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Shannin Metatawabin / CEO - National Aboriginal Capital Corporations Association (NACCA)
Jeffrey Cyr / Managing Partner - Raven Indigenous Capital Partners
Jocelyn Formsma / Executive Director - National Association of Friendship Centres
Clint Davis / CEO - North35 Capital Partners

The Indigenous economy is one of Canada’s largest untapped opportunities. With a youth population that is the fastest growing demographic in the country and significant potential for economic and impact-oriented entrepreneurial growth, Canada – our governments, companies, investors, citizens – must get to work on achieving economic reconciliation.

This Spotlight explores what roles Canada’s governments, companies, investors – as well as Indigenous entrepreneurs and communities themselves – must play to achieve this.

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Key Takeaways & Calls to Action

  1. Both the government and private sector need to realize that the Indigenous economy is an untapped resource. By building partnerships with Indigenous communities and businesses, there is significant opportunity for both financial gain, social impact and prosperity for all of Canada.
  2. Indigenous entrepreneurs face many barriers in accessing capital, including the perception of risk from investors, the inability to take out a line of credit, leverage collateral and a lack of intergenerational wealth.
  3. Investors should turn their money towards Indigenous entrepreneurs, who are focused on building a strong social and impact-oriented economy in their communities.
  4. Opportunities exist for the private sector through investing in Indigenous infrastructure and Indigenous businesses, and there is no ceiling on the growth of this market in the medium term.
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