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Spotlight on Driving Innovation Through Intrapreneurship

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Irene Sterian HeadshotGeoffrey TurnbullSteve Joordens HeadshotMohammad Ali Amini Nanology Labs
Irene Sterian / President & CEO - REMAP Network
Geoffrey Turnbull / Director of Innovation - KPMB Architects
Steve Joordens / Professor of Psychology - University of Toronto Scarborough & Chief Science Officer - Cogneeto
Mohammad Ali Amini / CEO & President - Nanology Labs

Intrapreneurs are innovators within an organization that seek out a problem in need of a solution, and create value along the way. Intrapreneurship is both a culture and a mindset, and while intrapreneurs are avid risk-takers, no single person can bring an innovation from concept to market— it takes a team.

We spoke with four intrapreneurs and change-makers who have innovated from within to solve problems in their industry, organization or institution. In this Spotlight, you will learn what it takes to be an intrapreneur and how to foster a culture of intrapreneurship at your company from top to bottom. 


  1. Intrapreneurs are employees within an organization that are motivated to pursue their novel ideas and seek to create value along the way.
  2. Intrapreneurs cannot take an innovative product to market alone, there needs to be a culture of intrapreneurship that spans from the executives to the employees and is fostered at the individual level.
  3. An intrapreneurship model can help your organization to evolve, grow and stay ahead of your competitors.
  4. While intrapreneurs are good transformational leaders because of their adaptability, organizations still need a number of traditionalists to steady the boat.
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