Spotlight on Cleantech in Montreal

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Catherine Bérubé HeadshotPatrick Gagné headshotRachel Labbe-BellasSylvain Carle Headshot in the centre
Catherine Bérubé / Vice President of Sustainability, Investor Relations, and Public Affairs - Cycle Capital Management
Patrick Gagné / CEO - Cycle Momentum
Rachel Labbe-Bellas / Founder - O’land Stations
Sylvain Carle / Senior Director - SecondMuse Capital

Montreal’s cleantech sector has been steadily growing over the years, with new accelerators, incubators and funding organizations providing the catalysts needed to drive innovation and evolve the ecosystem as a whole.

Through this Spotlight, we present four different perspectives from across the sector on what makes it a premier destination for investment by foreign players. With Montreal’s strengths in cleantech becoming more established, the city is primed to become a Canada-wide leader in this necessary and exciting industry. 


  1. Montreal’s universities and research facilities provide a steady flow of skilled talent for the cleantech sector.
  2. The collaborative business ecosystem in Montreal allows for ample innovation and development of new clean technologies.
  3. Governments at all levels support the growth of the cleantech sector, providing funding and support to help startups get off the ground.
  4. The competitive cost of living in Montreal allows entrepreneurs to take larger risks than they would in other Canadian cities.
Watch and Read the Experts’ Full Interviews:
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