Spotlight on Quebec’s Digital Transformation

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Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon / Minister of Economy and Innovation - Government of Québec
Alexandre Sieber / Executive Vice-President, Business Financing and Client Strategies - Investissement Québec
Jean-Louis Lalonde / President & CEO - AZUR Group
Guy Parent / General Manager - Opimian

Quebec, especially Montreal, has positioned itself as a global hub for tech titans seeking to capitalize on its world-class tech talent, AI capabilities and other tech advantages that make it the envy of many regions battling for tech supremacy. But are the tech developments the province is pioneering being leveraged locally to improve Quebec SMEs’ competitiveness? What are the rewards if this democratization of tech can be achieved? And what must key stakeholders do to achieve this?

Key Takeaways & Calls to Action

  1. We must ensure that the linkages are made between our local SMEs and our world-leading tech firms, in order to improve our economic output and competitiveness.
  2. Tech is not only an important industry in and of itself, but one that produces the tools other industries need to leverage in order to become more efficient and more relevant. In this sense, all businesses are tech businesses.
  3. To be competitive in the new AI and digital era, Quebec’s SMEs will need to rely on smart AI-powered solutions based on their own internal IP and mission-critical systems.
  4. Artificial intelligence is the fourth industrial revolution, so we need to embark on it and fast. However, to do so, we must offer the best digital infrastructure at the lowest price to help SMEs anywhere in Quebec to compete on the world stage.
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