Spotlight on Hamilton’s Emerging Life Sciences Sector

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Karen Mossman HeadshotTy J. Shattuck headshotAlex Muggah headshot
Karen Mossman / Vice President, Research - McMaster University
Sheila Singh / Professor, Founder - McMaster University, Empirica Therapeutics
Ty J. Shattuck / CEO - McMaster Innovation Park
Alex Muggah / Director - Synapse Life Science Consortium

With world-class companies and Canada’s leading research and education cluster in the life sciences, Hamilton has set itself apart from other Canadian cities in one of Canada’s most prominent emerging industries. 

Academic institutions like McMaster University, with its world-leading researchers, as well as a state-of-the-art innovation park, have allowed Hamilton’s life sciences workforce to commercialize cutting-edge technologies while accelerating life-saving research within the field. This Spotlight features four interviews with leaders from across the sector to understand why Hamilton is a first choice for foreign investors in life sciences.


  1. Hamilton’s small size and high level of connectivity allows the life sciences ecosystem to coordinate and collaborate freely throughout the region, driving innovation.
  2. There is plenty of life sciences talent in Hamilton, due to its high number of life sciences companies and research intensive academic institutions.
  3. Canada’s funding environment has supported innovative scientists in Hamilton to further commercialization of their research.
  4. Access to world-class research hospitals creates the opportunity for life sciences talent in Hamilton to test and evaluate their products.
Watch and Read the Experts’ Full Interviews:
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