Spotlight on Bitcoin & Blockchain

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Saifedean Ammous / Associate Professor of Economics - Lebanese American University
Francis Pouliot / Co-Founder & CEO - Bull Bitcoin
Janine Moir / Blockchain Assurance Leader - Deloitte
Koleya Karringten / President & CEO - Bitcoin Rodeo

Bitcoin and blockchain are two of the biggest buzz words in tech, but how are they really being applied within the context of the Canadian economy, and how are they shaping its future? How should they be regulated – or should they at all? This Spotlight addresses these questions and more to explore what opportunities bitcoin and blockchain tech represent for Canada’s future economy, and what our governments, regulators, companies, entrepreneurs and other stakeholders must do to seize them.

Event Alignment: The Blockchain and Technology Symposium

Organized by The Bitcoin Rodeo

Key Takeaways & Calls to Action

  1. Bitcoin is the automation of the functions of central banking. If it works, no political regulation or legislation is needed for it. Attempting to regulate bitcoin will not change or affect bitcoin, but will only hurt Canadians who are pioneering this new digital frontier.
  2. Instead of boycotting bitcoin, Canada’s banks should be working with bitcoin companies to develop and apply innovations to their services.
  3. Blockchain represents the next evolution in the way the world connects by enabling us to transact with each other seamlessly, without friction, with trust and with speed. Investing in the blockchain industry will contribute to Canada taking a leading position on the world stage.
  4. Canada possesses a wealth of highly specialized tech talent which drives innovation in tech and across many other Canadian industries.
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