Vicky Sharpe
Corporate Director

The Future of Canada’s Economy and its Energy Sector

Interview with Vicky Sharpe, Corporate Director on the future of Canada’s economy and the Canadian energy sector. Main topics discussed: • Canada’s competitiveness in the global economy • Sustainability in tomorrow’s Canadian energy industry • Challenges for technology development and implementation in Canada • Canada’s competitiveness in global energy finance • Vision for Canada’s future economy in 2050
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Vicky Sharpe
Corporate Director

Dr Vicky Sharpe has 35 years of diverse energy and natural resource sector experience, extensive investment networks, international exposure mainly in the power sector and is a seasoned director working with start-up and more mature boards. Dr Sharpe possesses an ICD.D (2005) designation and is listed on Women on Board and the CBDC Diversity 50 for 2015. Recently she was appointed to the Board of the Capital Markets Regulatory Authority, a co-operative markets initiative to strengthen capital formation and protect investors in Canada. Dr Sharpe is the Former President & CEO of SDTC (Sustainable Development Technology Canada), whose 280+ companies deliver increased productivity and competiveness to primary economic sectors in Canada. She is also a Director of the Alberta Enterprise Corporation. She has received awards recognizing her work in advancing sustainability and clean capitalism. Dr Sharpe provides strategic advice on innovation to investment organizations, governments and opportunities for the energy sector.