Richard Adamson
Former President - CMC Research Institutes

The Oil and Gas Industry Needs to Think Like a New Industry

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Main Topics Discussed

  • Canada’s international position in low-carbon technology innovation
  • The Canadian oil and gas industry’s role in GHG emission reduction
  • Government’s role in enabling industry’s GHG reductions
  • The acceleration of new technology adoption
  • The transition from GHG emission research to viable technologies
Richard Adamson
Former President - CMC Research Institutes

Richard Adamson has facilitated the commercialization of innovative technologies for three decades. As the first President of CMC Research Institutes (formerly Carbon Management Canada), Adamson has been driving solutions to industrial greenhouse gas emissions through the global research network. He has overseen the successful transition of CMC from a research network focused on early-stage discoveries to an independent not-for-profit helping technology developers and end-users identify and move technologies into industry-ready solutions. Mr. Adamson also assembled the national team that is projecting ways to move Canada to a prosperous low-carbon future as part of the international Deep Decarbonization Pathways Project.

CMC Research Institutes (CMC) is an independent, not-for-profit business with one key mission – accelerating the development of technologies to eliminate industrial greenhouse gas emissions. They provide field testing and piloting facilities to clients in oil and gas, oil sands, electricity generation, and cement and chemical manufacturing. Their aim is to rapidly move concepts from the lab bench to the field while effectively managing risk at every step of the way.