Perrin Beatty
President & CEO - The Canadian Chamber of Commerce

The Future of Canada's Economy

Interview with Perrin Beatty, President & CEO of The Canadian Chamber of Commerce on the future of Canada’s economy. Main topics discussed:
  • Competitiveness of Canada’s resource-weighted economy following the Paris Agreement
  • Opportunities for Canadian entrepreneurs in this future economy
  • The impact of environmental concerns on the structure of Canada’s economy
  • The impact and pace of technological development in Canada’s energy sector
  • Canada’s economy in 2050


1- Renewable energy is resource and human capital intensive, so our mining and high tech sectors will have a strong role to play in Canada’s energy transition. 2- Technological change, particularly in our energy sector, comprises of fast-paced incremental change instead of one-time disruption. 3- Canada’s future economy will rely on a high-skilled workforce, so our focus should be on cultivating an innovative and entrepreneurial generation.


The entrepreneurial sector is the most Canadian sector of our economy. It needs to be a priority for government as it creates more benefits for Canadians across the board.