Spotlight on the Forces Shaping the Future of Work

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Prasad Girigipati_Future of WorkCory Janssen AI
Pierre Boucher / General Manager of Innovation - ENCQOR
Jim Jarrell / President & COO - Linamar
Prasad Garigipati / Head of Global AI Accelerator in Montreal - Ericsson
Cory Janssen / Co-Founder and Co-CEO - AltaML

Our future workforce is constantly adapting to the forces that shape it. Technological disruption and shifting demographics are among the factors contributing to our constantly evolving workforce.

This spotlight explores the forces currently shaping the future of work in Canada, and the roles of governments, academic institutions, employers and professionals in ensuring our future workforce is prepared to meet the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


  1. Canada must address ways to provide meaningful and productive employment to those who will be replaced by automation.
  2. Shifts in culture, including the rising gig economy and the shift towards gender agnostic jobs, will shape our future workforce.
  3. Canada must address the risk of creating a socioeconomic divide within the workforce as artificial intelligence is applied across industries.
  4. Academic institutions and industries must collaborate to provide work-integrated learning opportunities to prepare students for the working world.
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