Academia-Industry Partnerships are the Foundation of Canada’s AI Ecosystem

Cameron Schuler

Executive Director

Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute

Cameron Schuler is the Executive Director of the Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute as well as Co-Founder and CEO of VibeDx Diagnostic. His multifaceted career has covered finance, business and product development, consumer products, IT and general management from start-ups to mature companies.  His industry experience includes alternative energy, banking, consumer products, information technology (consumer and enterprise), investment sales and trading, life sciences, manufacturing, medical devices, oil and gas, and oil and gas services.
The Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute (Amii) is a research lab at the University of Alberta in Edmonton. One of three hubs in Canada’s Pan-Canadian AI strategy, it performs advanced research and development in the fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence, together called machine intelligence. It works alongside collaborators from industry and academia to provide intelligent business solutions and push the bounds of academic knowledge.

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