The COVID-19 Rebound


The COVID-19 Rebound Series Supported by

We’re in the thick of it and nobody – nor any part of our society or economy – is spared. And this will most likely last a while.

So we’ve asked Canadian leaders from a variety of backgrounds to provide their different perspectives on what Canada must focus on to overcome COVID-19 on the medical, economic and societal fronts. We’ve also asked them to gaze further out at how we must rebound and rebuild post-crisis so that Canada and all of us can emerge from this stronger, wiser and better prepared to compete in the future economy.

Op-Ed Op-Ed Dr. Inderveer Mahal Family Physician, Fellow - Munk School of Global Affairs & Public Policy Physician-Patient Consultation is Critical in Developing Sustainable Telemedicine Infrastructure HealthCOVID-19TechTech Adoption Op-Ed Op-Ed Cameron Burke Managing Director, Advisory & Tech - PwC Canada The Rise of Healthtech Amid COVID-19 HealthCOVID-19TechTech Adoption Op-Ed Op-Ed Ben Bergen Executive Director - Council of Canadian Innovators Forget Recovery—It’s Time for an Economic Reorientation in Canada COVID-19InnovationStrategy Featured Interview Paul Cubbon Assistant Dean, Innovation - UBC Sauder School of Business Entrepreneurship and Innovation Post-COVID COVID-19EntrepreneurshipInnovationPolicy Op-Ed Op-Ed Daniele Zanotti President & CEO - United Way Greater Toronto Protecting Our Most Vulnerable During and After COVID-19 COVID-19PolicyWork Featured Interview Video Interview Video Volker Gerdts President & CEO - VIDO-Intervac COVID-19 Vaccine Development in Canada COVID-19HealthResearch Op-Ed Op-Ed Bill Anderson Director - Cross-Border Institute Cross-Border Personal Mobility in the COVID-19 Crisis COVID-19PolicyTrade Featured Interview Video Interview Video Kayla Isabelle Executive Director - Startup Canada Supporting Canada's Startups Now and Post-COVID COVID-19EntrepreneurshipSMEs Featured Interview Video Interview Video Aled Edwards Chief Executive - Structural Genomics Consortium COVID-19 Research: Vaccines, Genomics & Open Science COVID-19HealthResearch Featured Interview Video Interview Video Samira Mubareka Infectious Diseases Physician & Virologist - Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre & Research Institute and the University of Toronto COVID-19 Research: Genomics, Rapid Execution & Funding COVID-19HealthResearch Featured Interview Video Interview Video Natalie Prystajecky Program Head, Environmental Microbiology & Molecular and Microbial Genomics Programs - BC Centre for Disease Control COVID-19 Research: Genomics, Collaboration and Funding COVID-19HealthResearch Featured Interview Video Interview Video Dylan Pillai Professor & Expert in Medical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases COVID-19 Point-of-Care Testing & Canada's Ongoing Research Priorities COVID-19HealthInnovationResearch Featured Interview Video Interview Video Michael Crothers President & Country Chair - Shell Canada The COVID-19 Crisis' Impacts on Canada's Oil and Gas Industry COVID-19EnergyOil & GasSustainability Featured Interview Video Interview Video Tabatha Bull President & CEO – Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business (CCAB) Corporate and Government Partnerships Helping Indigenous Businesses Through COVID-19 COVID-19Aboriginal BusinessIndigenousPolicy Featured Interview Video Interview Video Mary Ng Minister of Small Business, Export Promotion and International Trade - Government of Canada Backing Canadian Businesses Through COVID-19 and the Recovery CoronavirusCOVID-19EntrepreneurshipPolicySMEs Featured Interview Video Interview Video Todd Winterhalt Senior VP, Corporate Communications & Corporate Strategy - EDC Supporting Canadian Businesses During COVID-19 COVID-19ExportsPolicySMEs Featured Interview Video Interview Video Rob Annan President & CEO - Genome Canada Canada’s Research Ecosystem & The Response to COVID-19 COVID-19HealthInnovationPolicy