Spotlight on Toronto’s Tech & Innovation Ecosystem

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Jodi Kovitz Movethedial 300x300Frank Scarpitti Mayor of MarkhamDairis Zarins Printful
Jodi Kovitz / CEO - #movethedial
Frank Scarpitti / Mayor - City of Markham
Allyson Hewitt / VP, Impact - MaRS Discovery District
Dairis Zarins / Director of Operations and Business Development - Printful

As Canada’s largest and most multicultural metropolis, Toronto ranks among the great cities of the world to live, work and do business. It’s financial sector is the second biggest in North America, drawing industry heavyweights and multinational corporations from across the globe. But what else makes this business ecosystem so attractive to foreign investors?

In this Spotlight, interviews four leaders—from tech, ecommerce, government and innovation—to discover Toronto’s greatest strengths, weaknesses, and the conditions that make the city an attractive place for foreign investment.


  1. Toronto has a diverse and educated workforce streaming from its renowned colleges and universities who bring different lived experiences together to tackle complex challenges.
  2. The Greater Toronto Area’s startup and innovation accelerators, combined with major investments, have created a thriving, dynamic tech ecosystem that is now North America’s third largest.
  3. Toronto’s business ecosystem and regional economic development agency welcomes foreign investors and improves the ease of doing business in Canada.
  4. Toronto’s location and proximity to the US border makes it a logical destination for foreign investment.
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