Canada's Future Energy Pathways Canada's Future Energy Pathways

Canada’s Future Energy Pathways

Canada's Future Energy Pathways Series presented by Shell

Shell Canada and have partnered to present “Canada’s Future Energy Pathways,” a 3-part thought leadership series that will profile leaders from Canada’s energy and sustainability ecosystems.

This series will be comprised of three panel discussions and three featured interviews on Canada’s transition to a low carbon economy.

The topics covered include how to constructively discuss Canada’s energy future, Indigenous participation in Canada’s energy transition, and the partnerships needed for economic growth and climate action.

This series will feature voices from across various stakeholder groups, including government officials, Indigenous leaders, academics, youth and industry to encourage a thought-provoking and action-oriented national conversation on the future of energy in Canada.

  • VideoDecarbonizing Canada’s Industries Panel
  • VideoThe Importance of Collaborative Sectoral Decarbonization Patrick Carré Vice President of Commercial Road Transport - Sectors and Decarbonization Division, Shell
  • Sandra Sutter PTW Energy VideoIndigenous Participation in Canada’s Energy Transition Sandra Sutter Manager, Indigenous Partnerships - PTW Energy
  • VideoIndigenous Participation in Canada’s Energy Transition Panel
  • Mallika Ishwaran Shell Canada Photoshoot for revivingShell External Website Scenarios Group in FS, London,2017 VideoDiscussing Canada’s Energy Future Mallika Ishwaran Senior Economist & Policy Advisor - Shell Scenarios Team
  • VideoDiscussing Canada’s Energy Future Panel
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