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Spotlight on Montreal’s Cybersecurity Industry

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Benoît Dupont / Benoît Dupont - Canada Research Chair in Cybersecurity
Amir Belkhelladi / National Cyber Leader - Deloitte Canada
Vanessa Henri / Data Protection Strategist - Fasken
Sylvain Masounave / Global VP of Engineering and Operations - OneSpan

Cyber risk is big and indiscriminate: individuals, companies, governments and more are all potential targets for cyber attackers. But with this big risk comes a big opportunity: the global market for cybersecurity products and services is massive, and it’s only getting bigger.

With its organized and diverse tech ecosystem, and its depth of talent, Montreal has positioned itself as a leading global cybersecurity hub – one that offers many advantages for foreign investors seeking to grow their global cybersecurity presence and capabilities. This Spotlight explores how Montreal and Canada are positioning themselves within the global cybersecurity space and what the future of the industry holds for local and foreign players alike.

Listen to the Podcast:

Key Takeaways & Calls to Action

  1. Cybersecurity represents both a huge risk for public and private organizations alike, but also a massive $1.7 trillion business and economic development opportunity.
  2. The diversity, size, talent and collaborative spirit of Montreal’s tech sector make it advantageous to cybersecurity firms.
  3. Montreal’s tech specializations, such as AI, VR and video games, position the city to be a significant cybersecurity hub as they are the industries that will foster and rely on cybersecurity in the future.
  4. The cybersecurity industry’s future growth will come with the alignment of artificial intelligence, machine learning and cybersecurity – areas Montreal has deep expertise in.
Read the Experts’ Full Interviews:
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