AI Entrepreneurship: Canada must aim for gold

Hassan Murad

Co-Founder & CEO


Hassan Murad is the Co-Founder and CEO of Intuitive a company focused on developing AI technologies to empower a zero waste world. Hassan has worked on self-driving cars at Tesla, developed firmware for autonomous submarines at International Submarine Engineering, and taught robotics and built autonomous drones at Simon Fraser University. Hassan is a high-achieving Mechatronic Systems Engineering graduate from Simon Fraser University, who achieved Surrey Board of Trade’s Top 25 under 25 award and won numerous engineering and business competitions through the course of his undergraduate years.
Intuitive is an artificial intelligence startup on the mission to empower a zero waste world. Their first technology, Oscar, can be added on to any existing multi stream recycling bin turning it into a smart bin. Oscar combines machine learning, computer vision and psychology to make multi stream recycling intuitive and effective. Intuitive, currently a CDL venture, came out of NextAI ‘s 2017 cohort as the Most Outstanding Venture.

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