Powering Canada’s Future Powering Canada’s Future

Powering Canada’s Future

The Powering Canada's Future Series presented by

Electricity is a core enabler of modern life, powering homes and workplaces, and employing thousands of Canadians across the country. But as the industry continues to grow towards renewable energy, and with demographic shifts causing the retirement of a large cohort of its workforce, the electricity sector is in immediate need of appealing to younger and more diverse workers to keep the lights on.

In this series, TheFutureEconomy.ca and our partner Electricity Human Resources Canada seek to understand the multitude of forces that are reshaping Canada’s electricity sector and its workforce to address the needs and articulate the solutions to its talent shortage. Through eight video interviews and one panel, Powering Canada’s Future ascertains what must be done by all stakeholders in Canada’s electricity ecosystem to reinvigorate this key sector in Canada’s future economy.

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