Spotlight on Ottawa’s Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Ecosystem

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Michael Tremblay / President & CEO - Invest Ottawa
Raed Kadri / Head - Autonomous Vehicle Innovation Network (AVIN)
Tenille Houston / CEO - AutoGuardian by SmartCone
Mary O'Neill / Vice President of Security - Nokia

Canada’s capital is among the country’s top technology hubs, and combined with its long history in auto manufacturing, Ottawa is well-positioned to lead in the burgeoning connected and autonomous vehicle industry. 

Top quality post-secondary institutions and a collaborative business environment that supports innovations in mobility all contribute to Ottawa’s CAV sector, which is becoming a premier destination for foreign investment. This Spotlight, which features four experts from the CAV ecosystem, explores Ottawa’s unique position as a leader in connected and autonomous vehicles.


  1. Ottawa’s leadership in the tech industry has led to the city becoming a leader in connected and autonomous vehicle innovation.
  2. Industry, government and academia have come together in Ottawa to improve the city’s capabilities in connected and autonomous vehicles, allowing the sector to grow.
  3. Substantial investments have been made into the mobility sector both in Ottawa and provincially, signalling to investors that this is a prime area for growth in the region.
  4. Ottawa has one of the highest densities of high tech talent, which can provide a strong workforce for the growing connected and autonomous vehicle sector.

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