Spotlight on Montreal’s International Organizations

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Olivier Niggli / Director-General - World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA)
Eliane Ubalijoro / Executive Director - Sustainability in the Digital Age
Luis Felipe de Oliveira / Director General - Airports Council International
Stéphanie Grandperret / Chief Operating Officer - NewCities

Why do more than 65 international organizations—including 4 United Nations agencies—choose Montreal for their headquarters? 

For many, Montreal, which boasts six universities, is a strategic location because of the opportunities to collaborate with academic institutions while taking advantage of the steady talent stream graduating into the workforce. But so much more goes into any decision to locate or relocate a global enterprise.

This Spotlight discovers Montreal from the lens of four leaders who head international organizations in the city, and defines exactly why they call Quebec’s largest metropolis home. 


  1. Montreal’s diversity, multilingualism and acceptance for international workers make the city an appealing choice for talent from across the world.
  2. The city’s exceptional quality of life, affordability, healthcare system and schools all contribute to an international organization’s ability to retain talent.
  3. The federal, provincial, and municipal governments, as well as local economic development agencies, support international organizations in the immediate and long-term.
  4. Montreal’s academic institutions, with thousands of international students who are easily transitioned into the workforce, help international organizations find the employees they need.
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