Spotlight on Mining

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Brent Bergeron
Executive Vice President, Corporate Affairs and Sustainability - Goldcorp
George Salamis
President & CEO - Integra Resources
Fraser Buchan
Co-Founder - Tradewind Markets
Amber Mac
Speaker, Author, Host, Entrepreneur - AmberMac Media

Mining is one of Canada’s oldest industries but the practices of its past are being disrupted by cutting-edge technologies, crowd-sourced solutions, and a deeper commitment to environmentally and socially sustainable operations. Canada is a global leader in the sector with a rich endowment of mining resources – including the minerals that will underpin the future economy’s digital and clean energy sectors. This resource base is being fused with our deep pool of tech and engineering talent to shape the high-tech mining sector of the future.

This Spotlight explores these dynamics reshaping the Canadian mining industry, its operations, its sustainability, and how it is viewed by a new generation of tech-savvy problem solvers and investors. It looks at how the industry is discovering and funding new solutions to its challenges, how it must adapt in the face of constant technological change, and how Canadian resourcefulness has become just as valuable to our mining industry as our resources – if not more.

Event Alignment: #DisruptMining

Organized by Goldcorp and Co-Hosted by KPMG

Key Takeaways & Calls to Action

  1. A multi-stakeholder approach to mining innovation is essential. Innovation must create efficient and sustainable companies, contribute to the overall goals and objectives of stakeholders, contribute to the social acceptability of the mining industry and its companies, and contribute to the overall safety of workers and the communities mining companies operate in.
  2. Canada’s expertise in both mining and technology should be integrated to form a new mining technology sector. This technological innovation will not only make the mining industry safer and more economically efficient, it will also make mining more environmentally sustainable.
  3. While we remain a global leader in the resource business, Canada’s position is not guaranteed. Embracing innovation and change – even if it requires a small leap of faith – will be a critical factor in maintaining, and even growing, that position.
  4. Mining companies must embrace the technological revolutions seeking to disrupt their industry, and remain agile and ahead of the knowledge curve to survive them.