Spotlight on Mining

Community and Indigenous Participation
Featuring: Ryan Montpellier Elena Mayer Bobbie Jo Greenland-Morgan Hans Matthews

Spotlight on Future Cities

Designing Canada's Future Liveable Cities
Featuring: Andrea Barrack Geoff Cape Josipa Petrunic Sevaun Palvetzian

Spotlight on Mining

Sustainability and Innovation
Featuring: Janice Zinck Francis Fournier Claudine Lee Jeff More

Spotlight on Entrepreneurs Thinking Big

SMEs: Scaling-up, Exporting and Staying Canadian
Featuring: Minister Mary Ng George Rossolatos Elspeth Murray Wayne Pommen

Spotlight on the Impact Economy

Business for Good and Profit
Featuring: Marc-André Blanchard Helle Bank Jorgensen Paul Allard Dustyn Lanz

Spotlight on Mining

Economic Development & Global Leadership
Featuring: Susan Jones Lee Hodgkinson Peter Cashin Ryan McEachern

Spotlight on the Space Economy

Positioning Canada for Success in the Future of Space
Featuring: Chris Hadfield Sylvain Laporte Françoise Gagnon Glenn Mason

Spotlight on Health Innovation

Leveraging our Competitive Advantages in Health
Featuring: Andrew Casey Norma Biln Peter van der Velden John Ruffolo

Spotlight on the Ocean Economy

Balancing Economic Growth and Environmental Sustainability
Featuring: Minister Jonathan Wilkinson Ian Smith Beth Mason Jim Hanlon

Spotlight on the Future of Work

Preparing our Workforce and our Youth
Featuring: Dominic Barton John Stackhouse Valerie Walker Chandran Fernando

Spotlight on Quebec’s Digital Transformation

Democratizing Digital Innovations to Benefit the Entire Economy
Featuring: Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon Alexandre Sieber Jean-Louis Lalonde Guy Parent

Spotlight on Bitcoin & Blockchain

Integrating Bitcoin and Blockchain into our Future Economy
Featuring: Saifedean Ammous Francis Pouliot Janine Moir Koleya Karringten

Spotlight on Scaling Canada’s SMEs

Bridging Canada's SME Growth Capital and Skills Gaps
Featuring: Minister Bill Morneau Dale Ponder Lorna Wright Mark Falbo

Spotlight on Indigenous Economic Development

Growing a $100 Billion Aboriginal Economy
Featuring: JP Gladu Shannin Metatawabin Niilo Edwards Mark Sevestre

Spotlight on Alberta’s Economic Future

Alberta's Economic Evolution
Featuring: Minister Deron Bilous Curtis Stange Sandip Lalli

Spotlight on Energy Tech

Exporting Canada's Energy Innovations
Featuring: Carl Burlock Todd Parker Wayne Sim Harrie Vredenburg

Spotlight on Mining

The Future of Canada's Mining Industry
Featuring: Brent Bergeron George Salamis Fraser Buchan Amber Mac

Spotlight on Energy

Canada's Energy Future
Featuring: Eric Martel Susannah Pierce Annette Verschuren JP Gladu

Spotlight on FinTech

Accelerating FinTech Growth in Canada
Featuring: Paul Desmarais III Matthieu Cardinal David Souaid Michael Katchen

Spotlight on the Bioeconomy

Enabling the Emergence of Canada's Circular Economy
Featuring: Elizabeth May, MP Greg Maloney Sandy Ferguson John Bissell

Spotlight on Clean Growth

Driving Canada's Clean Growth Transition
Featuring: Minister Catherine McKenna Marcelo Lu Nicole Vadori Stewart Elgie

Spotlight on Women in the Future Economy

Empowering and Integrating Women in Business
Featuring: Isabelle Hudon Monique Leroux Laura Didyk Qudsia Ahmed

Spotlight on Albertan Innovation

Alberta's Innovation Ecosystem Driving Diversification
Featuring: Patrick Lor Karina Guy Aaryn Flynn David Lloyd

Spotlight on the Energy Transformation

The Future of Canada's Energy Industry
Featuring: Michael Cleland Tony Van Bommel Chad Park Juli Rohl

Spotlight on Aboriginal Economic Development

The Future of the Aboriginal Economy
Featuring: Dawn Madahbee Leach Shannin Metatawabin Sean Willy Isabell Ringenoldus

Spotlight on Blockchain

Canada's Blockchain Future
Featuring: Don Tapscott Iliana Oris-Valiente Moe Adham

Spotlight on Renewable Energy

Canada's Renewable Energy Future
Featuring: Ron Seftel John Gorman Michel Letellier David Berliner

Spotlight on FinTech

The Vision for Canadian FinTech
Featuring: Derek Colfer Sue Britton Jeff Hindle Justin Tang

Spotlight on Artificial Intelligence

Building on Canada's AI Advantage
Featuring: Yoshua Bengio Cameron Schuler Tomi Poutanen Hassan Murad

Spotlight on Cleantech

Positioning Canada to Win in the Global Cleantech Race
Featuring: Leah Lawrence Tom Rand Jonathan Rhone Janice Tran

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