FinTech: Canada is moving too slowly

Sue Britton

CEO & Founder

FinTech Growth Syndicate

Sue Britton is the CEO and Founder of FinTech Growth Syndicate. She is passionate about working with all sizes of companies in FinTech to help them accelerate growth and innovate new business techniques. Sue was Head of Innovation for D+H (now Finastra), SVP and GM of a startup business unit she created for Broadridge that grew to $40 Million in revenue in 24 months, and has spent 25 years in various corporate executive positions and new startup roles.Sue is a passionate community builder and actively promotes Canada’s FinTech ecosystem as well as holds many volunteer advisory roles in the FinTech community to help drive global awareness and collaboration in Canada around innovation in FinTech.
FinTech Growth Syndicate (FGS) is as a business accelerator that accelerates  sales, partnering and marketing strategies for new entrants, and implements innovation programs for financial institutions and technology incumbents making innovation work inside and outside the organization.

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