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Matthieu Cardinal

VP, FinTech Development & Corporate Affairs

Finance Montréal

Matthieu Cardinal has 15 years of experience in investor relations and financial communications. He currently heads Finance Montréal’s FinTech Development unit and works to develop Montreal’s FinTech scene locally and internationally. He manages the Montreal FinTech Station and is Co-President of the Canada FinTech Forum organizing committee. He is also responsible for Finance Montréal’s corporate development strategy and its institutional member relations. He started his career as an economic researcher in the financial media industry and also worked in investor relations.
Finance Montréal was created to develop and promote Québec’s financial services industry. The organization works to enhance Montréal’s reputation as world-class financial hub. It fosters cooperation among a vast range of institutions to stimulate the industry’s growth while raising local and international awareness of the financial specializations found in Montréal.

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