Quebec’s AI Investments Must be Democratized and Benefit Local SMEs

Jean-Louis Lalonde

President & CEO

AZUR Group

Jean-Louis Lalonde is President & CEO of AZUR Group. He founded the company in 1998 and leads its business strategy and R&D activities. He holds a degree in Automated Manufacturing Engineering as well as a Master’s degree in System Technology, and has experience in both manufacturing and software innovation. He is passionate about the tools, techniques and abstractions of software construction and has contributed to many aspects of distributed applications and model-driven architectures.

AZUR Group’s proprietary tool kit combines quick software prototyping with business intelligence (BI), artificial intelligence (AI) and technologies from Microsoft and Salesforce, amongst others, to help clients modernize mission critical software. Its products include: EFS, a Smart Treasury Management System (STMS) that enables treasurers and CFOs to simplify and automate their operations, improve decision-making and ensure optimal risk management; and AZUR Innova, a cloud initiative that boosts the proficiency of business unit stakeholders with an Optimized Agile Solution offering an efficient way to develop high quality cloud solutions for medium and large businesses.

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