The Importance of Co-Developing Canadian Mining Innovation Programs

Francis Fournier

President and CEO


Francis Fournier is President and CEO of COREM. He has over twenty years of experience in the innovation sector, mainly with FPInnovations, a national forest research and development centre. He has gained deep experience in R&D at both the operational and strategic levels, which has made him a key ally in the realization of complex, innovative projects and initiators of change generating growth, efficiency and mobilization.

COREM is the largest organization in Canada devoted to mineral processing R&D. Recognized as a world-class organization, COREM provides a wide range of mineral processing and analytical services to companies that explore and develop orebodies and transform or recycle mineral substances. Its highly qualified staff of over 155 employees can carry out the most complex innovation projects, complete flow sheet development, pilot testing and ore characterization for its members and all mining companies worldwide.

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