Alberta's New Normal: Lower Oil Prices and a More Diversified Economy

Curtis Stange

President & CEO

ATB Financial

Curtis Stange serves as President and CEO of ATB Financial. He was previously ATB’s Chief Customer Officer, Chief Strategy & Operations Officer and Executive Vice President. He helped ATB launch a new line of business focused on entrepreneurs all over Alberta. He also played a key role in the transformation of its banking systems where he led teams in developing the world’s first full featured virtual banking assistant in Facebook Messenger, its adoption of new tech like Apple Pay and blockchain, and the launch of ATB LendR. He is a proud recipient of the Order of Athabasca University for his public service work.

ATB Financial is a financial institution and Crown corporation owned by the Province of Alberta. ATB operates in Alberta only, providing financial services to nearly 700,000 Albertans and Alberta-based businesses. It has more than 5,000 employees, is headquartered in Edmonton and is the largest Alberta-based financial institution.

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