The Way Forward on Sustainable Mining in Canada: Environment, Workforce Safety & Communities

Claudine Lee

Head of Environment and Permitting

Dominion Diamond Mines

Claudine Lee is Head of Environment and Permitting at Dominion Diamond Mines. She is a professional geologist with over 20 years of experience working in northern Canada. Ms. Lee began her career as a student working on diamond exploration programs. She joined the Ekati Diamond Mine in 2011 as the Advisor–Operations and was promoted to Superintendent–Environment Operations in 2012, and to Head of Environment and Communities in 2015.

Dominion Diamond Mines is a Canadian diamond mining company. It operates the Ekati Diamond Mine and owns 40% of the Diavik Diamond Mine, both of which are 200 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle in Canada’s Northwest Territories. It supplies rough diamonds to the global market through its sorting and selling operations in Canada, Belgium and India.

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