Kathy Jenkins in centre Featured Interview Video Transparency and Support for FDI in Canada Kathy Jenkins Group Chief Executive - Marshall of Cambridge
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Spotlight Interview Commercialization in Hamilton’s Health Sciences Sector Sheila Singh Professor, Founder - McMaster University, Empirica Therapeutics
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Jay Giraud Featured Interview Video Electric Vehicle Manufacturing in Canada Jay Giraud Co-Founder and CEO - Damon Motors
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Martin Basiri Headshot Op-Ed Immigration: A Catalyst for Canada’s Growth Martin Basiri CEO and Co-Founder - ApplyBoard
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Evan Pivnick and Rachel Doran Headshot Op-Ed How Canada can Become an EV Battery Powerhouse Evan Pivnick and Rachel Doran Clean Energy Program Manager and Director of Policy and Strategy - Clean Energy Canada
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olaf-weber-university-waterloo Op-Ed The Future of Sustainable Finance in Canada Olaf Weber Research Chair in Sustainable Finance - School of Environment, Enterprise and Development at the University of Waterloo
Paul-Davidson-Universities-Canada Op-Ed How Canada Can Increase Research Funding to Improve Competitiveness Paul Davidson President - Universities Canada
mark-jarvis-giga-metals Op-Ed How to Advance Canada’s Critical Minerals Industry to Win in the Energy Transition Mark Jarvis CEO and Chairman of the Board - Giga Metals
clean-economy-john-aldag Op-Ed 5 Ways Canada is Leading in the Clean Economy John Aldag Member of Parliament, Chair of the Natural Resources Committee - Natural Resources Committee
Spotlight Spotlight on the Future of Work
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Spotlight Spotlight on the Space Economy
Spotlight Spotlight on Future Cities
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